Mobile Messaging Costs
If you registered your cell phone, you need to verify with your carrier that e-mail messaging is active on your cell phone.

Most wireless carriers offer a limited number of text messages per month for a fee, while some charge a few cents per message. In most cases, the cost for receiving alerts from this system will only add a few dollars to your annual cell phone bill, while providing you a valuable service.

You will find below the carriers' typical text messaging costs. The information contained herein is deemed to be highly accurate, but is not guaranteed. Cell phone carriers frequently change plan options, so please contact your carrier in order to obtain the most up to date information.

NOTE: After registering, we strongly suggest you use the test feature in your Home page to ensure that e-mail messaging is active on your phone.
Wireless Carrier Text Messaging Costs (overage)
Carrier's Website/ contact phone

Verizon $0.20 per message
    1.800.922.0204 (or *2 from cell phone)
AT&T $0.20 per message
    1.800.888.7600 (or 611 from cell phone)
T-Mobile $0.20 each message
    1.800.937.8997 (or 611 from cell phone)
Sprint $0.25 per message
    1.800.SPRINT1 (or *2 from cell phone)
Alltel $0.15 per message
    1.800.ALLTEL1 (or *2 from cell phone)